Sustainability starts at home. By reducing your impact internally, you can then start to reduce your impact elsewhere. One way I do this at home is by ensuring I am purchasing reusable products. One item that I use every single day is cotton pads. With the use of The LastObject’s LastRound, I am able to not only save money but save the environment.

These cotton pads are made of shape-shifting fabric that feels the same as a regular cotton pads once it is wet. The container that the pads come in are created from ocean bound plastic. This one container reduces the use of over 1,750 individual disposable cotton pads.

To use, pull one cotton pad out of the container, get it a tad wet, add your product, and then use like a regular cotton pad. Just don’t forget to wash it off after your use and let it dry. Then you just add it back to your container and it is like you never used it! They are easy to clean and even perfect for travel as you only need the one case of 7 reusable pads.

I will never go back to my disposable cotton pads after this! I will be gifting these to all of my friends and family this holiday season.

Purchase here: The LastObject Reusable Cotton Pads – LastRound