Canyon Ranch Woodside is an intimate all inclusive wellness resort in the Redwoods that allows you to fully immerse in the moment. The featured retreat this past weekend was Optimal Flow where we were able to drop into our body and out of our head. Through meditation, physical activity, and creativity; we fully absorbed everything the ranch had to offer.

Starting each morning with a walk to breakfast was the perfect way to get fresh air and start moving. The dining experience at Woodside is made with local produce and humanely sourced meat from a farm down the mountain. You can taste how fresh it is in every single bite. Each meal offers something for every food preference along with many dietary restriction options. The cuisines were truly crafted with nutrition, environmental responsibility, and aesthetic in mind.

Relaxing in the spa is a must do, and it is conveniently placed by the lobby and restaurant. You are able to access it without an appointment as long as you are staying as a guest. With a sauna, massage chairs, hot tub and a pool; there is plenty to do without an appointment. I still highly recommend getting a massage or facial as . We opted for the Canyon Ranch massage with is personally tailored to soothe tight muscles and ease any pain. My esthetician was able to find knots that I did not even know were there. I walked out of my massage feeling relaxed and ready to take on the rest of my day.

A few more things you need to add to your must do at Woodside is Shinrin Yoku or forest bathing, Coastal Village excursion, and qigong. While forest bathing among century old Redwoods, you will use all of your senses to notice things in the wild that you hadn’t before while bringing these experiences into your daily life. The Coastal Village excursion takes you down the Pacific Ocean coastline on the 1 while stopping among local shops in Pescadero and putting your toes in the ocean. Qigong is the ancient Chinese form of exercise which integrates flowing movement and breathing to generate mindfulness. There are plenty more activities at Woodside such as Mala bracelet making and wine tastings to experience as well, but it is difficult to do it all while also wanting to relax.

Immerse yourself at Canyon Ranch Woodside among the Redwoods with an elevated retreat experience.