I started using InnoShred 6 months ago, and the progress has been phenomenal. I have seen my body quickly turn into a fat burning furnace. It is vegan and gluten friendly, so that is right up my alley. It promotes fat burning while boosting your metabolism through its ingredients: Cayenne Pepper Fruit Extract, Grains of Paradise Extract – Paradoxine, Rauwolscine, and Green Tea Extract. There is a caffeine and caffeine-free version, so the caffeine one has organic caffeine, but I opt for my daily cup of tea.

I take 2 doses in the morning 30-45 minutes before breakfast to give my body a head start and ready to be fueled up. I immediately feel my body working to digest and getting rid of any excess cravings.

I highly recommend this product to aid you in your weight loss journey or to just add to your daily supplemental intake.

To purchase, please click my ambassador link: www.innosupps.com/AlexisGrace or use the code ALEXISGRACE which gives you 20% off your entire purchase. I will receive a small portion of commission at no extra cost to you, so I would appreciate you using this link and/or code.