The music scene in Denver is better than ever and continuously growing. There is a huge selection of venues, all genres coming to the scene, and a variety of fan bases; so everything you could want to see in the city is here. August of 2022 has particularly been good to Denver as many acts have preformed to end the Summer with a bang. Does the music stop at the end of Summer? Nope, it keeps going and I will be sharing all about the Fall music as well!

I went to a ton of shows this past month, so here is a list of the top 5 people I personally saw this August in the Mile High city of Denver:

5. Kayzo

Kayzo is a new breed hence the album he just dropped – New Breed. The set was at Mission Ballroom which is two stories and has a disco ball on the ceiling – perfect vibes for any artist.

Kayzo knew how to get the crowd on their feet and that led to Rowing Pit – a bit different than a mosh pit but the same energy and less trampling. Kayzo even let a fan on the stage to propose to their girlfriend halfway through the set. This changed the vibes and it was a non-stop dance party all night. Kayzo’s music varied, and it is always fun meeting up with some old friends and making new ones. My first Kayzo concert and not my last.

4. Hoodie AllenHoodie Allen at Bluebird Theatre

I have been a fan of Hoodie Allen for almost a decade and met him several times, so I am always down for one of his concerts when he is in town. Hoodie always has a free meet and greet before the show and is outside afterwards for those who did not get a chance to say “hi” beforehand. Hoodie treats you like a long-time best friend (which we totally are) and creates such a warming and fun environment. Hoodie is interactive on stage and his songs are all bops, so you are bound to know at least one – the friend I took knew 2 and she did not even realize it was Hoodie singing those! From caking his fans to riding through the crowd on a raft this tour, you never know what will happen at one of his concerts. I highly recommend and just maybe he will bring you on stage if you know all the words to Cake Boy like the girl in front of me (and me but he chose her..). When’s the next tour Hoodie?

3. Chris Lake b2b Fisher

This show exceeded my expectations. I have seen videos of their sets, but a live show blew the videos out of the water. Chris Lake and Fisher went back and forth playing their songs while keeping the crowd entertained with visuals, fire, and lasers. This specific set is called “Under Construction” and it at the National Western Complex Center at their new outdoor area near the I-70 bridge.

From construction signs everywhere, cones “blocking” areas off, people in hard hats, and ‘do not cross’ tape; their team fully embraced the theme. Next year, I will have to dress for the theme (did not get the memo this time). This is a yearly event in Denver and always draws a huge crowd. There were over 10,000 of us, so the energy was insane. Fisher made fun of Chris Lake’s age while being an absolute goofball on stage and standing on the turntable. I made new friends and we hung out all night which led to making even more friends and more adventures. You will 1000% see me there next year and any other time I can catch one of their sets.

2. Zedd

My first Red Rocks show! I do not even know where to begin as it was incredible. I will have a separate article on Red Rocks itself, so let’s talk about Zedd. This Russian-German man made the 2010’s electronic dance music hit the mainstream radio channels, and he did not stop there. I did not forget about him, but I did forget about many of his songs. From Clarity, to the Middle, to Break Free; he played hits after hits so everyone was singing and dancing all night long. Of course he threw in the EDM specials like “Do It to It” and “World Hold On” while also staying true to his own music. There were visuals all around him, so in the middle was a tiny man jumping and giving off the best vibes – immaculate vibes might I say. Zedd had people of all ages come to his show and it was fully worth it. Fire, lasers, visuals, and the whole nine – it was epic. As always, I met up with old friends and made new ones; so that made the night even better being able to vibe with my homies! Zedd – you better come back to Denver because you will sell out time after time.

1. Swedish House Mafia

I knew going into this show that it was going to be spectacular, but I did not know just how immaculate it would end up being. Topping this list is Swedish House Mafia after their decade hiatus.

They started off by making a grand entrance with a beat and curtain drop to Can U Feel it after building up anticipation for 3 minutes of music. They played their hits and ran with it. There was fire blasting for 2-3 minutes at a time during Frankenstein ft. ASAP Rocky, and then the entire time during Anecdote. Ball Arena was hot and we were all dripping in sweat from the fire – I can’t imagine being right in front of the fire.

The big-room was full of all ages and everyone was dancing and singing while vibing together. It was truly an experience like no other. All ages came together with one thing in common – our love for Swedish House Mafia. We were coming towards the end of the set and one of the group members

came off the stage and to the front. They said, “There is one more song and we want you guys to pick it even though we already know what it is going to be.” The person who was given the microphone exclaimed ‘Don’t You Worry Child!’ Then it started. The crowd went insane, there was fireworks, fire, lights, and singing. It was pure euphoria all around the room and they left us in disbelief. I am hoping they do not break-up the group again because I would do anything to relive this concert.

infinite/10 recommend seeing SHM



Honorable Mentions

A few other acts I saw this month are Netsky, Disco Lines, The Driver Era, Claptone, and Salvatore Ganacci. If you ever have a chance to check them out I highly recommend as they also had me non-stop grooving and dancing with my friends.

I can’t wait for my September concerts… Odesza and Flume are only a few to name!