During the month of August, Denver Regional Transportation District (RTD) is allowing passengers to ride with their free fare program to reduce the amount of cars on the road emitting air pollutants to continue its war with ozone pollution. This has been on ongoing battle in Denver for over 50 years, but the city and county of Denver has been creating programs to create cleaner air to do their part in the battle of climate change.

Over the past few decades, Denver has been beating pollution significantly by reducing air emissions and creating higher standards for cars on the road. Denver was once known as the ‘brown cloud’ city due to its noticeable air pollution. When that nickname started sticking, that is when the city realized they needed to do something about it. Since the 1970’s Denver has had a public transportation system – RTD – that has taken passengers all around the city to provide accessibility and help with the growing pollution matter.

Today, there are over 113 miles of rail with 12 rail lines and more than 9,000 bus stops available. The transportation system runs 365 days a year and is just about 24/7 with a brief period it closes overnight from 1am to 3am.

Do your part this month to help reduce pollution in Denver by taking the RTD system for free during the month of August.